Drop Off , Wash & Fold Service

Sudsy’s Laundromat offers you the convenience of doing your laundry for you! Our experienced laundry specialists will care for your clothes as if they were their own. Your laundry will be carefully sorted, treated, washed, dried, folded, and packaged neatly for you.   Laundry is never mixed with someone else’s items. Sudsy’s Laundromat provides you a customized wash on our premise. Choose your desired treatments, laundry detergent, fabric softener, and drying options.

You will receive a text messages and, or email to let you know when your fresh, clean laundry  has been completed and is ready for pickup.

We will also offer concierge pickup and drop off services soon.

For as little as $1.20 cents per pound, and 48-hours later  pick up your  clothes, all ready for you! Or use our 24-hour service at only $1.50 per pound.  


If you are in a real hurry, we can usually accommodate same-day service. Have your laundry done within about 4 hours for just $2.00 per pound.


One of the most important aspects of our wash and fold service is our meticulous attention to hygienic management. Hygienic management is our system of assuring that your clothing is handled in a clean and sanitary manner. Therefore, we handle and wash each customer’s clothing separately.


STANDARD PRICING BY WEIGHT  (15 pounds minimum)

Drop Off- Wash & Fold  (48 Hours Service)                                                                    $1.20 per pound

Drop Off- Wash & Fold  (24 Hour Service)                                                                     $1.50 per pound

Ask about Drop Off- Wash & Fold before 10:00 AM (Same Day Service)                                         per pound


Separate Machines for different colors

Detergents                                                                                                 Gain, Tide, or 7th Generation 

Fabric Softener                                                                                                   Downy, Gain or Snuggle

Dryer Sheets                                                                                                               Bounce or Snuggle


Dreft  Detergent                                                                                                             $0.03 per pound

Scent Booster- Downy, Gain or Snuggle                                                                           $1.00 per load  Sudsy’s Stain Remover (one inch spot)                                                                               $0.50 per spot

Bleach Soak                                                                                                                     $3.00 for 1 hour

Organic Sodium Soak                                                                                                      $5.00 for 1 hour

Low Dry                                                                                                                           $0.02 per pound

Hang Dry & returned on Hangers                                                                                  $0.05 per pound 

Returned on Hangers                                                                                                     $.0.05 per pound                                              

Other Items That Need Cleaned 

Mattress Pads – Wash and Sanitize                                                                                               $15.99

Heavy Duvet Cover – Wash and Sanitize                                                                                       $10.99

Standard Blankets – Wash and Sanitize                                                                                          $9.99

Comforters – Wash and Sanitize

Twin Comforter                                                                                                                                              $10.00

Full Comforter                                                                                                                                                $12.00

Queen Comforter                                                                                                                                           $16.00

King Comforter                                                                                                                                              $20.00

Down Feather Up-charge                                                                                                                               $5.00

Rugs – Wash and Sanitize                                                                                                  $4.99 – 19.99

Pillow Tops – Wash and Sanitize                                                                          Same as Comforter Prices

Curtains                                                                                                                                                       $8.00 & up


Interested in learning more about Sudsy’s Laundromat competitive commercial laundry pricing? Email: [email protected] or call (412)-835-2130

Self-Serve Washing

More Than a Laundromat — Sudsy's is an Experience!

Too many people dread laundry day: finding coins, lugging their family’s clothes halfway across town, and waiting in a boring environment for their loads to finish. At Sudsy's, we love laundry, and we want you to have the best experience possible!

At Sudsy’s, we’ve created a fun atmosphere that you’ll enjoy. Our facility is bright, clean, and secure, with security cameras and an on-site attendant from, 8 AM to 4 PM daily, ready to help you with your laundry needs.

11 Reasons Why You’ll Love The New Sudsy’s Laundromat:

1. Free WiFi

2. Complimentary bottled water, coffee & newspaper

3. Two Large flat-panel TVs

4.  Chairs for waiting and relaxing

5. Clean washers and dryers

6. Big machines, which means shorter laundry time

7. Extra laundry supplies (in case you forget)

8. Wide aisles and lots of laundry carts

9. Clean tables for folding clothes

10. Convenient off-street parking

11. A friendly attendant there to help

Get in touch!


[email protected]
(412) 835- 2130


2550 Brownsville Road
South Park, Pa 15129


Mon-Sun: 7:00am - 9:00pm